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Infra-red light barrier, IR light barrier and light barrier, open land monitoring and open land protection, interior monitoring and interior protection, Perimeter Protection,

accreditation by VdS, G 100029, G100029,
IRS-509, IRS-505, IRS-509-VdS, IRS-505-VdS, IRS-509-O, IRS-505-O,
aluminium housing IRP-400,
adjustment device, alignment device IRA-100, IRA-101, IRA-100-A,
adapter cable IRA-105, IRA-110, IRA-107,
connector board IRCB-505, IRCB-505-W, IRCB-505-A2/A3, IRCB-505-PFO, IRCB-505-L3,
heater with temperature regulated heating element IRH-112, IRH-124, IRH-148,
screw terminal, fast cabling, fast plug in system,
single beam, multichannel system